Massages & Body Treatments

THE ROYAL TOUCH      30/60/90 Minutes      $45/$75/$110
This traditional Swedish massage uses therapeutic soft tissue
manipulation technique to ease muscular tension and stress while
providing deep relaxation and a renewing sensation.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE     30/60 Minutes      $50/$80
This intensive massage targets tense muscles to relieve stress
due to harsh physical workouts or sport activities.

HOT STONE MASSAGE     60 Minutes      $75
Hot stones and gentle massage techniques provide deep relaxation,
while enhancing the body's natural healing abilities.

REFLEXOLOGY     30 Minutes      $45
This massage stimulates the stress-relieving pressure points
on your feet that are related to each organ and muscle group.

AROMATHERAPY     30/60 Minutes      $45/ $75
Our most relaxing massage utilizes essential oils and herbal
extracts to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

BODY POLISHING SUGAR SCRUB     30/60 Minutes      $75/$100
This massage leaves your skin silky, smooth, tightened and
nourished with our blend of anti-oxidants and alpha hydroxy acids.

Detoxify and stimulate your fatigued skin while reducing
cellulite. This wrap increases blood circulation with Hungarian
paprika to ­achieve a healthy glow.

Hydrate even the driest of skin with this moisturizing paraffin treatment.

This special arrangement allows a couple – or pair of friends –
to receive the Royal Touch Massage or the Classic European Facial
at the same time, in the same room. ($75 per guest)